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The Photograph Collection consists of over 100,000 images from the 1840s to the 1990s documenting the people, architecture, landscape and events in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The collection is divided into the following divisions, and can be searched through inventories, indexes and in-house catalog database.

Where available, links to collection guides are indicated with “Click here for a collection guide”

Collection highlights:

  • Over 400 daguerreotypes including portraits of Frederick Douglass ca. 1848 and Passmore Williamson in Moyamensing prison, 1855.
  • Collection of over 9,000 portraits of Chester County residents from 1840s – 1950s.
  • Over 10,000 photographs documenting architecture, landscape and events organized by subject for quick access.
  • Unique color photographic process patented by William C. South in 1906, “The Solgram.”
  • Detective Camera photographs taken by Horace Engle record candid activity around Chester County Courthouse, 1888
  • Photograph album of portraits of members from Longwood Progressive Friends Meeting active in suffrage, temperance and abolition, 1860s.
  • Collection of early Kodak photographs documenting the ice harvesting industry by Uriah Hunt Painter.

Portrait Index

 • Portrait Collection, 1850s - present: Self-indexing files of portrait photographs by family name. Some noteworthy portraits include: Samuel Barber, Buffalo Bill Cody, Dr. William Darlington, MD, Madame Louise Homer, Brevet Major General Galusha Pennypacker, Dr. Ann Preston, Horace Pippin and Bayard Taylor.

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 Every-Name Index to Portrait Photographs

The Every-Name portrait index is a merged listing of seven portrait format collections. They include daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes or ferrotypes, cartes-de-visite, cabinet cards and the portrait file. These listings give access to photographic portraits made between 1840 and 1990. There are other sources for portraits in the CCHS collection that are not represented on this list.

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General Collection

General Collection, 1850s – 1990s: these photographs are arranged by topical headings from the LC Thesaurus for Graphic Materials, and subdivided by location. 

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Photographer's Collections 

Work produced by a professional or amateur photographer who worked or lived in Chester County, Pennsylvania. CCHS holds 59 collections. See below for featured collections


David Brinton Collection: amateur photographer documents life on Spring Hope Farm in E. Fallowfield, a paper bag factory and Timicula Railroad Station, 1982-1917

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Douglas E. Brinton Collection:  Sites of historical significance in Oxford, Valley Forge and the Brandywine Valley, ca. 1900.

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Octavius Bull Collection:  Businesses, farms and dwellings in the northwestern section of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1895-1908.

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 Gilbert Cope Collection: Noted Historian and genealogist, Gilbert Cope took over 2,400 views from 1887 - 1918 documenting Chester County landscape, families and Quaker community.

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Horace Engle Collection:   Features glass plate negatives taken with the Stirn's Detective Camera of ordinary activity on the streets of West Chester in 1888.

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Click here for a collection guide. Ned Goode Collection:

This commercial photographer documents area businesses and organizations, 1947-1961.


Melvin L Gurtizen Collection: a sampling of this professional photographer's work, which he donated to the society before his death, includes portrait photographs 1948 - 1957 and commercial photography of businesses and organizations 1960s - 1980s.

Gurtizen Portrait Inventory 

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Gurtizen Commercial Inventory  

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William R. Keeney Collection: This talented amateur photographer gives a touching portrayal of his two daughters growing up in the 1890s.

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J. Max Mueller Collection:Views of West Chester and the Brandywine Valley from 1880-1895. Also includes photographs from the Postal Photographic Club, a photographic exchange club which flourished from 1889 to 1891. Some contributors include P.S. Chase, Miss E.S. Needles, J.M. and W. H. Walmsley, and others.

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Joseph T. Murtagh Collection:  Naturalistic amateur photographer who took artistic views of the Brandywine and rural scenes 1883-1890s. Also includes views in West Chester and home interiors.

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Charles Philips Collection: Views of the milling industry in southern Chester County and northern Delaware from 1895-1912.


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Serrill J. Sharpless Collection – amateur photographer records his family, lumberyard business in West Chester and Bucks County goat farm, 1907-1911.

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Mildred Clower Somerville Collection – family photographs and views in Bondsville and Fisherville, East Brandywine Township, 1898-1904.

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William C. South Collection: offers the only complete archive of the Solgram Color Photo process by this photographer and inventor. Included are the original 1904 patents, brochures, correspondence, catalog for the Keystone School of Photography, ca. 1911, Downingtown and 241 color photographs by South and his students. Read more about South’s career and Solgram Color Photographs on Wikipedia:

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Joseph Thompson Collection: Best known for his freelance photography for newspapers, local police, the Republican party and theatrical personalities, Thompson was also know for his commercial work, portraiture, and wedding photography, ca. 1950 - 1970. Visit the Thompson Gallery.

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Joseph Thorne Collection: Amateur photographer and printer by trade, Thorne photographed local mills, Birmingham and Lenape Parks, the Brandywine Creek and sites around West Chester 1886-1910. Also included in his collection are views of the Brandwyine taken by Wilmer Worthington MacElree for his series of books.

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Unidentified Makers Glass Plate Negative Collection: 1885-1930 Miscellaneous photographs by a variety of photographers. Some highlights include Longwood Gardens, P.M. Sharpless Estate, one-room schoolhouses, and the Brandywine.

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Donor Collections

 These 120 collections represent a group of photos given by a single donor that document an extended family group or a special interest. See below for featured collections


 Robert E. Brinton Collection: 1930s survey of sites used as Post Offices throughout Chester County, Pennsylvania.

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Samuel J. Entrekin Collection:

Personal photographs of the arctic explorer. Entrikin was part of Peary's Relief Expedition 1892, Northern Greenland expedition 1893-4 and the Mt. St. Elias expedition. He also lived in Seattle, Washington and Alaska during the Gold Rush 1897-1901, Mexico, Texas and Arizona 1904-1910 and Florida 1914-1942.

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Charles H. Howell Collection: photographs collected by this Phoenixville Justice of the Peace document the immigrant groups that came together in the Phoenixville community.

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Albert Cook Myers Collection: this collection features the life and work of historian Albert Cook Myers, a noted William Penn Scholar. It includes Myers family photographs, historical images of Adams, Chester, Delaware and other counties, sites associated with William Penn, Quakers, Revolutionary war, Native Americans, etc. Myers installed markers between 1921 - 1933.

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Benjamin M. Walker Collection: 179 photographs of the family of Benjamin and Lillian Mercer Walker and of views in Chester, Delaware and York Counties, Pennsylvania where they lived, 1860s - 1940s.

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Richard J. Webster Chester County Architecture Collection:  Color slides taken between 1978 -2004 of significant architecture in West Chester and Chester County, PA.

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West Chester Sesquicentennial 1949

Collection of photographs taken by the West Chester Camera Club members Ned Goode and Melvin Gurtizen of the festivities celebrating 150 years of West Chester borough history. Includes parades, beauty pageants, costume promenade,  model airplane contest, historical displays and decorations in the borough and other events.

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Format Collections

Format collections include historic processes such as daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, stereographs, crayon photographs, photographic jewelry, oversize photographs and other unique processes.


  •  Daguerreotypes: 1840s -1860s.

Some highlights include portraits of Frederick Douglass, Castner Hanway, and Passmore Williamson. Also includes work by Philadelphia daguerreotypists Marcus Root, Samuel Van Loan, McClees & Germon, William & Frederick Langenheim, John Plumb, Jr., Frederick DeBourg Richards, M.P. Simons and others. See Every-Name index

 The George Pyle Collection gives a rare look at the work of an itinerant daguerreotypist between 1846 and 1849. The collection consists of 16 plates, including a portrait of Pyle's mentor J.J.E. Mayall, daguerreotype formula book, daguerreotype register, account book, receipts for supplies, handbills and personal letters. Bibliography and transcripts available.

  •   Ambrotypes: 1854 - 1870s Includes rare outdoor views and many local portraits. See Every-Name index
  •  Cased Tintypes: 1856-1870s See Every-name index
  • Cartes-de-visite: 1858-1890s Also known as CDV or photographic visiting card, this was a popular portrait format. See Every-Name index
  •  Cabinet cards: 1870-1900 See Every-Name index
  •  Tintypes: 1856-1920s See Every-Name index
  •  Ivorytypes and unique processes: 1860-1920s Features many unusual photographic processes such as Ivorytype, Orotone, Crystoleum and Opalotype.
  •  Stereoviews: 1850s-1930s Features views of Yosemite by Thomas C. Roche, Centennial Photographic Co. views of the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia and views by John Moran.
  •  Glass stereoviews: 1850-1910s Features rare Hyalotypes, the first stereographs made on glass by the Langenheims of Philadelphia.
  • Magic lantern slides: 1840s-1920s Features early hand painted slides in wood mounts and slides on a variety of subjects by a number of Philadelphia manufacturers.
  • Oversize and panoramic photographs: 1860s - 1950s Features many group portraits of organizations, businesses and family reunions.
  • Chromos or Crayon Portraits: 1860-1900 These large photographs, commonly hung in parlors, are enhanced with charcoal, chalk, ink or paint.
  • Photograph albums: 1860- present 191 albums record families, the landscape, businesses and organizations. Some highlights include:

• Pierce-Lamborn Family Album records the members of the Longwood Progressive Friends meeting during the 1860s active in abolition, suffrage and temperance. Among those pictured are: Lucretia & James Mott, Dinah & Isaac Mendenhall, Abby Kimber, Thomas Garrett, Sarah Pugh and others.

• West Chester Views, Charles S. Bradford's views of West Chester and the Brandywine Valley, 1892-1899.

• Albert Biles' West Chester, emerging professional photographer Albert Biles photographs West Chester and surrounding area, 1899 - 1905.

•The Wilmington and Northern Railroad, Charles A. Elston's hand-colored photographs document the railroad from Wilmington to Birdsboro, 1947.