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  • December 16

    On the Edge of Discovery: Treasures in a Pocket

    Originally Posted March 16, 2012

  • December 16

    Photo Archives Seeks Images of African American Soldiers for Exhibit

    Originally Posted March 9, 2012

     Chester County Historical Society is seeking images of African American Civil War soldiers either in uniform or civilian dress for display in the On the Edge of Battle exhibition this fall. We are creating a wall of images of soldiers and the people of Chester County for the exhibit; we would like to copy your originals for the display.

  • August 15

    On the Edge of Discovery: Who is George?

    Preparing for the forthcoming exhibit, “On the Edge of Battle” I have the fascinating experience of looking at every photograph in the collection connected with Chester County in the Civil War.  The photograph of “George” presents an intriguing mystery.

  • August 15

    Photo Archives News: Rare Stereoview of Galusha Pennypacker Purchased at Auction

    Through the generosity of two anonymous donors, CCHS was able to purchase at auction personal letters, service records and a rare photograph of Brevet Major General Galusha Pennypacker, who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroic Civil War service. Pennypacker made his career in the Army after the war.