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  • January 2

    Philips Glass Plate Negatives Donated

    Old Kennett Meeting House, November 28, 1895. Photo by Charles S. Philips

  • November 28

    Historical Photo Reproductions Make Special Gifts

    Do you know someone who has a place close to their heart in West Chester?  Historical photo reproductions are now $5 off regular prices for matte finish prints Through Tuesday, December 19, 2017.  8 x 10s are $20 and 11 x 14s are $35.

  • October 19

    Passport Photos Used to Identify World War I Nurses

    CCHS Photo Archives hosts a guest blogger, Claire Crosman Wilson.  Visiting our library to view materials donated by her cousins, George and Garrett Forsythe, Claire was captivated by a photograph of Alice Garrett as part of a naval nursing unit sent to serve in Brest, France during World War I.

  • October 4

    Is This Your Fireplace?

    We have a dilemma. These glass plate negatives have been identified as being made to two different photographers. They were taken between 1885 and 1895.

  • August 30

    History Mystery - Who is Hercules?

    Is your grandfather or great grandfather among this group of draftees ready to head off to for training camp in 1917? 

  • August 16

    Fantastic photograph of the Eclipse of the Sun, 1925

  • July 31

    Funeral Photograph Mystery Solved?

  • July 11

    Chinese Laundries in Chester County

    It seemed like the classic immigrant makes good in America story, but life was not easy for the first Chinese residents in West Chester. This is the story of Hop Lee and his nephew Tom Lee.

  • June 7

    Mystery in Coatesville Hungarian Community

    Did you know that Coatesville had a vibrant Hungarian Community in the early twentieth century? Their culture and customs flourished around the churches they established in the west end of Coatesville along with the Poles, Slovaks and Ukrainians.

  • May 5

    Flag Honors Irish Immigrant

    It looks like an ordinary flag, but it is not.  It is the coffin flag of one of my immigrant ancestors, and he is honored by its flight above the Chester County Historical Society.