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2018 NHD Teacher Newsletters:

 Our NHD Intern, Lindsay Campellone, created biweekly newsletters answering FAQs regarding NHD topics. Are there any other NHD topics you would like to see?

 Annotated Bibliography and Process Papers

 Judging Process Part 1: NHD Rules

 Judging Process Part 2: Interview Questions 


 NHD Student Website Updates:

Student’s NHD Weebly URL should look something like http://37408014.nhd.weebly.com. Each NHD Weebly website has an automatically generated an identification number that is eight numbers long—i.e. “37408014.” Students should not have any letters in your URL, nor should you be able to pick what goes into your URL. PLEASE HAVE YOUR STUDENT CHECK THAT THEIR 8 DIGIT URL IS CORRECT! I would suggest having them try to open the URL on another tab or computer—to ensure everything is working properly.

 PLEASE NOTE – If your student registered for a regular Weebly account/or it does not have this string of 8 digits, it can be converted easily. Start by having the student use their username and password to log in at http://nhd.weebly.com. Once logged in, click the “Convert” button when prompted. This will switch the Weebly account over to an NHD Weebly account and assign the student a new URL with the correct 8 digit format. However, if the address between http:// and nhd.weebly.com is not a string of eight numbers, please contact NHD at nhdsupport@weebly.com with details of the issue.

 Once the student has the 8 digit NHD Weebly website, the student’s website is officially an NHD project and they will be able to freely edit the website until Judging Lock-OutOn Friday, March 16 at 11:59 PM, our contest lock-out starts, and students  will be able to log in to their site, but they will not be able to edit their work. They will get a warning that says, “Your site has been locked – In accordance with NHD program rules, your site has currently been locked and may not be edited. When this judging period is over, your site will be unlocked and you may continue to make changes.” Their NHD Weebly account will open Sunday April 8, 2018.