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  • March 17

    An Immigrant's Chest in Chester County

    In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and its celebration of Irish heritage, today we spotlight a museum object with an Irish connection.

  • February 17

    Happy Birthday Horace Pippin

    West Chester native Horace Pippin (February 22, 1888 – July 6, 1946) was a self-taught artist who became famous in his lifetime for work that expressed his own view of the world.  He was a soldier in France during World War I and said that it “brought out all the art in me,” an interest that was evident in his childhood.  His subjects included religion, war, historic events, a few por

  • January 21

    Happy New Year!

    January marks a fresh start and a new year. In 1860, an anonymous penman illustrated an homage to the New Year with this calligraphic drawing. “Happy New Year 1860” is hand-lettered in a boldly patterned font in black ink and highlighted with red, blue, green, and yellow watercolors. An undulating flag ripples behind the year and a heavenly hand points down from clouds.

  • July 31

    Fans Unfolded

    Summer is a great time to delve into large-scale cataloging projects with the help of interns. This year our focus is fans. We have over five hundred in the museum collection dating from the 1700s to the 1900s.  They are made of paper, silk, leather, feathers, bamboo, tortoiseshell, bone, ivory, and early plastics.