FAQs – Annual Theme

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Each year the National History Day program has a theme.  The 2018 theme is "Conflict and Compromise."  It is purposefully broad so that students will be able to find a topic that interests them, while providing a structure that unifies the competition. For additional information on theme, click here for a YouTube video. 
Click here to access the official 2018 Theme Book. This book explains the theme (pages 7-9), a listing of possible topics (pages 11-13), and an extensive explanation of how to incorporate the theme into your project.
Click Here to view the 2018 NHD Theme Webinar, shown on YouTube. 
Click here to view a step-by-step guide to Create an NHD Project.
Click here to download the current (revised for 2015) NHD Rule Book.
Click here to download the current (revised for 2015) NHD Rule Book in Spanish.
Click here  for the link to samples for each Category.  Choose a Category and then go to the bottom of that page to see samples from both the Junior and Senior categories along with samples of those Process Papers and Annotated Bibliographies.